If you would like to come for counselling, we ask you first to complete a self-assessment form.  You can either download one below, or telephone the office on 020 8597 7686 to request a form.  Please make sure you indicate on the form what days and times you can be available for counselling.

When the form has been returned to Harman House, we will then contact you to offer an appointment when a counsellor becomes available for you. You will see the same counsellor at Harman House Counselling Centre each week at the same time.

Please complete the Self Assessment Form to book an appointment

Criteria Price
Under 21s £5
Income under £15,000 per year £10
Income of £15,000 or more per year £20
Income of £30,000 or more per year £35

Regularity and continuity are important in counselling, as they give a feeling of reliability and structure to the counselling process.  You and your counsellor will agree on the day and time of your weekly meetings, and that time will then be set aside for you for the duration of the counselling.  The ending of the counselling will be negotiated between you and your counselor, but a maximum of 24 weeks will be offered under this contract.